Changing the origin of the drawing coordinate system in System.Drawing in C#

The origin in System.Drawing.Graphics class is typically the upper-left-hand corner of the drawing surface (0,0) . If you want to change default coordinates(0,0) where rendering begins, use TranslateTransform method() of Graphics class.

It helps to change the coordinates from point (0, 0) to some point (m, n). For example, The following code will draw a line from point (0, 0) to point (120, 80) with origin (50, 40) .

Graphics g = e.Graphics;
g.TranslateTransform(50, 40);
Point A = new Point(0, 0);
Point B = new Point(120, 80);
g.DrawLine(Pens.Black, A, B);

I posted this code to answer someone’s question in MSDN forums.


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